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Stay at home jobs give many at home parents the opportunity to spend quality time with their family, to raise their children and at the same time be breadwinners. There are quite a few lucrative online job opportunities and here are a few:

Be an Online Educator :

A few of these online companies include brainfuse.com (email resume to jobs@brainfuse.com), tutor.com, educationadvancecorp.com (email resume to hr@educationadvancecorp.com), tutorvista.com (apply at jobs@tutorvista.com)or teach E.S.L. at Idapted.com. There are lots of opportunities to grow with these companies.

Write Online:

There are lots of websites that allows one to write online and promote your hard skills that one may possess. Infobarrel.com (click here to join), helium.com, associatedcontent.com, bukisa.com, ehow.com ,and much more. Offer advice using your expertise, skill or natural talent online at liveperson.com. Just sign up for free, become an expert and provide your tax information. It's very easy! However, like most online (independent contractor positions) jobs, you must promote your site and skill(s).

Sell Online:

Quite a few stay-at-home parents promote and sell health benefits from home with AmeriPlan, which pays daily. Sell electronics on gazelle.com, networth.com, Used-Electronics.ClassifiedAds.com, and Rated4Stars.com/SellMyElectronics.

Etsy.com is a great place for those who have a skill to sell crafts and other handmade products. There is a wide array of children's, women and men's clothing, crafts, accessories, toys, vintage, woodwork and the list goes on. Check it out!

Other websites include thehappygardener.info, simplyfun.com (games for children ages 3 and up), wineshopathome.com (wine shop at home).

You might fine that some sites may help you to develop some natural skills that you have and others my just allow you to use experience that you have acquired over the years while working for someone else. No matter what you do, it's a great opportunity to grow.

Take a look at some tips for promoting your job skills.

How to become an online tutor

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