How to Promote your Job Skills

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We have all heard the saying that ‘we too are a business so sell your skills.’ I think that is so true. So many times we expect the employer to see our worth or value, but that’s not their job. It would be nice if it was that way but it’s not. We have got to know your own value or worth and sell that every time. This is what your negotiations are based on; your skills and work experiences. There is so much competition in the work place that it seems like every employee is looking at everyone through the same magnifying glass. It’s not just enough to get a job anymore, but one must work hard to keep a job also. There is less value placed on seniority, punctuality, and hard work than it was at least 30 years ago. Therefore know your skills and what they are worth.

If you were asked right off the bat what your skills were, what would you say? Would you reply “ummm, well… I am a good communicator. I am personable. I have great interpersonal skills?” Well, that would not be strong enough to sell ‘you’ to an employer. It’s important to know your skills and what you are worth. It doesn’t stop there, the employer always like to know what your limitations are (your ‘weaknesses’), abilities, job objectives, education background and interests.

If you are just of college, it’s important to promote your education and then job or transferrable skills. If you have been in the workplace for a number of years, then you would promote your work experience first and then education.

Beginning with your job skills, you want to talk about the skills that you have and then move into the work experience using examples to support the skills you are promoting. For example, if an interviewer asks the question “why should we hire you?” This would be the perfect opportunity to promote your job experiences and accomplishments. Support almost every skill listed with what you have accomplished, your abilities and interest as well as your education. Don’t over look your transferrable skills; these are also your hard skills.

Then promote your soft skills. This is where your ability to communicate well and your interpersonal skills come into play. Employers are looking for those who can get along well with others, they want a people person. They want someone with confidence, leadership qualities as well as great analytical and problem solving skills.

It’s in the delivery… How the information is presented on a resume cv or cover letter is what’s going to get you in the door. Is it clear, job relevant, concise, only one page; or is it cluttered, wordy or over a page or two? How you communicate that information is essential as well. Are you confident, making eye contact, communicating clearly or otherwise? More so, are you presenting work experience that’s not on the resume? This is a major no no; only talk about the jobs you have listed on your resume. Therefore, know what’s on the resume well.

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