The Job Market 2010

It's been two years or so since the recession and there are no signs of it returning to the way it was. There has been some growth in some states, but there haven’t been dramatic growths. There is still a high rate of joblessness and families suffering. There have been talks of 'creating jobs', but today if you have a job then there is much to be proud of.

On the flip side of that there have been new jobs created out of the recession. There have been a lot of clean up job as a result of the economy, where workers hired by banks go into homes and clean out what's left behind. One of the biggest increases has been in at-home or online businesses. As we all know, the best thing at this time is to become your own employer. Find a need, find your niche and do what you know and love.


How to stay Focused on your Career Goals

How does one stay focused on their career goals and land the full-time job they want?

During a recession when the competition for jobs is so high, where jobs are lost and career objectives do shift or change; it is important to stay focused (on the bigger picture). How do you when we are in a recession and the job prospects are so bleak? Some people have been forced to rethink their career objectives completely and others have simply had to work harder to sell their skills and/or work experience just a little bit more. While others have changed their career objectives completely and have become the employer; they have taken advantage of business opportunities that have opened up as a result of this recession. There are a number of things that one can do to stay focused on their career goals.

Returning to School:
This is one way to build on the skills you have and of course further your education in an effort to stay current. Quite a few companies support their employees returning to school and do reimburse. Therefore, make sure that you look into possible financial support from your place of employment if you are seriously considering returning to school.

This also opens doors for you to possibly move up in the company, because most companies hire or promote those that are already employed with the company instead of getting new hires.

Plan Ahead:
It’s good to think ahead; project where you want to be in the next 3 to 5 years.

Take On More:
Don’t say no to more responsibilities because it might open doors for you. It may mean making certain sacrifices i.e.; staying late after work, accepting and fulfilling an invite to a company dinner on weekends ‘or’ after work, or maybe venturing into a completely unfamiliar department. At the end of the day you want to prove that you are worthy, skilled, and capable, because you never know where this might take you. Keep your eyes on the bigger picture.

Create an Objective Board:
Write it down! Map out your plans and objectives; it makes a difference to see your goals in writing. Then determine ‘how’ you will achieve the goals that you have mapped out for yourself.

Support System:
Make sure to surround yourself with people who are going to encourage you. Try not to do it all on your own, because there are days when you will need that little nudge or even a slight reminder of where you want to be. There is nothing wrong with having people in your corner that has your best interest at heart aside from you.


Transient Workers

There are more and more young people who are working part-time because an increasing amount of employers are laying off higher paid or more experienced employees. They are cutting back, outsourcing jobs, downsizing and hiring less recent graduates. As a result more new grads are forced to work multiple or part-time jobs.


How to Relieve Work Related Stress

It is so easy to take work related stress home with you at the end of a long work day. However, carrying that or any kind of stress with you is not only bad for your health, but also unhealthy for those around you. There are ways in which one can relieve stress by becoming involved in fun activities in order to unburden the stresses of the day.

1. Yoga:
This is a great way to relieve stress because it gets the heart going and helps one to rest well at nights. Moreover, it balances the systems of the body.

2. Meditation:
Mediation is a good stress reliever on account that it slows down the breathing, and heart rate and normalizes one's blood pressure. More so, it is known to improve the immune system.

3. Dancing:
This is one of the best forms of stress relief because you are working all the muscles in the body. More so, it is a great form of self-expression; a great way to vent, if you please. It is also good for the skin (because it gives it a natural glow and helps it to breathe better)and great for the heart.

4. Baking:
It's a great stress relief if you love the task. Baking helps one to focus their thoughts and energy; a kind of meditation if you will. Additionally, it's a fun activity for everyone in the family.

5. Working out:
Helps release the stress hormone, cortisol. Plus it's also a great way to take your mind off your problems and redirect one's thoughts to more positive things.

6. Gardening:
Gardening is a good stress reliever because of the fact that one is closer and therefore more connected to nature. Furthermore, you are breathing fresher air and getting your vitamin D at the same time by being in the sun.


Experienced Students

More and more adults or experienced workers are returning to school. Although there's been said to be a recession recovery, it a slow one and results of this are still yet to be seen. Nonetheless, there is an increase in adult students because there has been more and more layoffs, decline in the average household income (on account that one or both income earners have lost their jobs), a shift in the number of people that are changing careers, job loss, and the like. However, if you are seriously considering returning to school, there are a number of things to consider before doing so.

1. Firstly, take a look at your financial situation. Ask yourself if you can afford the tuition and all the other expenses that come with being a student (like the cost of text books).

2. Review the potential benefits of returning to school. Are you looking for a better income and will there be an increase in income? Is it a field you love and are interested in or are you doing it because there is a growing demand for people in this field? What are your reasons...?

3. Do some research about the field of study you are entering. Is it viable? Is it currently a market trend? What is the income like?

4. Research the different or various college options available to you. Campus life can be expensive for an experienced student (who has a family and bills), but it can also be inconvenient or not at all flexible with respect to your family life. Determine which best suits your needs, pocket book, and lifestyle by doing some research before committing. More and more people today are choosing to study online, because it is flexible and inexpensive.


How to Write a Resume

I have given tips before in a few articles on what to include in a resume when job hunting. It’s a critical time in our economy when everyone is worried about unemployment. Many of us have lost our job and the reverse is true; those who still have a job are worried about losing it. The recession is not over and most of us are saving more than ever before. We are looking for ways to live below their means, promote our job skills and are focused on taking care of our families the best we can.

Having the right resume format will improve your chances and give you an edge during an interview. If you are someone who is good at interviews, then it could make a difference in you getting your foot in the door and sealing the deal on that dream job.

Choose the correct resume format or layout; really think it through. The type of job you are applying for will help you determine this.

Resume should be no more than one page. Therefore it is important to determine which skills you will be highlighting that will be eye catching to the potential employer and for the position you are applying for.

Make sure that your name and contact information is bolded or highlighted at the very top of the resume. The font should be a size greater than that of the body. The average font size should be between 10 and 12 points.

Determine your job objective. Clearly state your intent based on the job you want or the job you are applying for. Make sure to match the list of skills (you possess) with those in the job description.

Research the job you are applying for and the skills needed for that specific job. Do not list all the experiences you have had, but only relevant skills. It is always important to make sure that your resume emphasizes or highlight skills specific to the job you are applying for.

I have said it before and it is a fact that if you are just of college, it’s important to promote your education and then job or transferrable skills. If you have been in the workplace for a number of years, then you would promote your work experience first and then education. View here "How to promote Job Skills."

Once you have gotten into the body of the resume it’s important to use bolded subtopics when listing your education, skills, work experiences and interests.

List work in chronological order beginning with the most current job.

Under work experiences make sure to include the name, location, description of your work experiences, dates your have worked (chronological order) and a short description of the company.

Use short but complete sentences and bullet points to list those experiences. Use verbs and/or strong action words to list work experiences and accomplishments. Make sure you are clear and concise when describing your skills and accomplishments.

Layout should be consistent throughout resume.

Complete the resume with a list of interests that not only compliments your job skills, but also flatters your assets.

Upon completing the resume, make sure to review and correct spelling and grammar errors. Use a grammar and spell check in Microsoft word (great tool).


Stay at Home Jobs

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Stay at home jobs give many at home parents the opportunity to spend quality time with their family, to raise their children and at the same time be breadwinners. There are quite a few lucrative online job opportunities and here are a few:

Be an Online Educator :

A few of these online companies include brainfuse.com (email resume to jobs@brainfuse.com), tutor.com, educationadvancecorp.com (email resume to hr@educationadvancecorp.com), tutorvista.com (apply at jobs@tutorvista.com)or teach E.S.L. at Idapted.com. There are lots of opportunities to grow with these companies.

Write Online:

There are lots of websites that allows one to write online and promote your hard skills that one may possess. Infobarrel.com (click here to join), helium.com, associatedcontent.com, bukisa.com, ehow.com ,and much more. Offer advice using your expertise, skill or natural talent online at liveperson.com. Just sign up for free, become an expert and provide your tax information. It's very easy! However, like most online (independent contractor positions) jobs, you must promote your site and skill(s).

Sell Online:

Quite a few stay-at-home parents promote and sell health benefits from home with AmeriPlan, which pays daily. Sell electronics on gazelle.com, networth.com, Used-Electronics.ClassifiedAds.com, and Rated4Stars.com/SellMyElectronics.

Etsy.com is a great place for those who have a skill to sell crafts and other handmade products. There is a wide array of children's, women and men's clothing, crafts, accessories, toys, vintage, woodwork and the list goes on. Check it out!

Other websites include thehappygardener.info, simplyfun.com (games for children ages 3 and up), wineshopathome.com (wine shop at home).

You might fine that some sites may help you to develop some natural skills that you have and others my just allow you to use experience that you have acquired over the years while working for someone else. No matter what you do, it's a great opportunity to grow.

Take a look at some tips for promoting your job skills.

How to become an online tutor

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